The Site

HALIEN is an acronym for High-level ALgorithms IntErNet.

The entire site was created by David Norman of High-level Algorithms Limited.

Its contents are actually split between three domains -, and The main site introduction, High-level Algorithms Limited and the Torbay Astronomical Society are hosted under the domain. HALIEN domains and the HALIEN Cluster sites are hosted under the domain. HALIEN virtual tours are hosted under the domain.

The combined sites currently incorporate in excess of 8400 hypertext (.htm) files and 5600 image (.jpg and .gif) files, along with several Mb of movie (.mpg) and other file types! The current internet site size is now well in excess of 100Mb.

A CD version of the HALIEN tours and Torbay Astronomical Society's sites is available. This includes more detailed versions of the over 2000 VGA (640*480) images within the virtual tours and a range of movie files related to the August 11th 1999 total solar eclipse and other astronomical events.

Some of the site-generation and maintenance (particularly of the Cluster sites) is performed automatically by a suite of custom-written JAVA applications.

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