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London Boat Show 2000

This site presents a photographic virtual tour of the London Boat Show 2000, held from the 6th to the 16th of January 2000 at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London. The tour incorporates over 130 digital photographs taken from 17 viewing spots around the event.

Click near the left, right or bottom edges of the main image to turn left, right or reverse direction.
Click near the top edge of the main image to move along the tour in that direction.
Click on a thumbnail in the left column to look at that view from this spot.
A few manufacturer's stands are linked to the tour. To visit a stand click on its thumbnail in the right column (or in the centre of the appropriate view).

Spot 'Map' and 'Help' buttons are at the lower left of the screen.

Select a map of all the spots on this tour, or choose one of the spots below ...

Hall 1 Pool
Hall 1 Gallery
Hall 2